March 2017 Newsletter: Engaging our communities, building local power

Mothers across New York state continue to grow and build power. We have new teams forming in Westport, the Hudson Valley, and Irondequoit. Established teams continue to build power in their communities around stopping fossil fuel infrastructure (Bakken Oil Trains and the Dominion New Market Project) and pushing for carbon offsets, home weatherization, and solar power.  Read on to see what mothers are up to and opportunities for you to get involved in our movement for a swift, just, and complete transition off of fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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  • City of Rochester Community Team.
    • St Patrick's Day Parade.
      • Saturday, March 11th,  11:30am-3pm, Downtown Rochester.
      • Please RSVP at the link above and we'll send you the info about where we're meeting!
  • Canvassing Training [Rochester].
    • To raise awareness for and gather signatures for our Bakken Oil Train campaign.
    • Sunday, March 12th, 1-2pm, 1872 Cafe. (This is the Action part of the Open Organizing Meeting).
    • Can't come to any of these events? No worries! Check out our Quick Actions page to do a few things to help from home!
  • Monroe County - Dear State Senators, we need you to support and vote YES on the Surety Bill!*
    • Canvassing Training [Penfield].
      • Wednesday, March 8th, 7pm.
    • Canvassing Training [Gates].
      • Thursday, March 9th, 7pm.
    • *Surety Bill - New York law requires boats carrying hazardous material to prove, up front, that they can cover the liability of a catastrophic accident. No such law exists for trains, yet every day trains carry explosive Bakken oil through our communities. (There have been 14 explosive derailments since 2013).

      NYS Assembly has, three times, passed a bill to require trains to have insurance for liability. The Senate has never even held hearings or allowed the bill out of committee. Let’s let our senators know they need to protect our communities!!
  • Irondequoit Community Team.
    • Irondequoit moms are off to a roaring start! They are working on 3 initiatives:
      • Learning more about solar power.
      • Organizing  community composting drive.
      • Making local festivals and events more eco friendly.
      • Check out their local page to stay up to date on their work and find out where to plug in!
    • Next Community Team Meeting.
      • Thursday, March 23rd 6pm - 7pm.



  • See pictures below - from our house party last weekend!
  • Our team is in formation!
  • If you'd like to get involved/learn more contact Eva Thaddeus: [email protected]



  • We had a wonderful and engaging storytelling training 3/3/2017. See pictures below!
  • Town of Huntington Campaign Issue: Long Island Water quality.
  • Also, check out Shameika Hanson on Climate HX2.

LONG Island
Public Narrative Training
March 3, 2017
20170303_Cristell_and_Anne_2.jpg  2017.03.04_Mike_Paula_Sherry_Narrative_Long_Island.jpg

Brooklyn/El Puente
DEC Environmental Justice Forum
Ana and Virginia with NYS DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos
January 2017 


House Party
March 4th, 2017
20170304_house_party_croton_amy_gardiner.jpg  2017.03.04_House_party_croton_amy_gardiner_2.jpg

Bakken Oil Informational and Strategy Meeting

February 19th, 2017

Southern Tier/Elmira
Mothers Out Front House Party
February 2017
2017_Corning_house_party_group_photo.jpg  Corning_house_party.jpg

Finger Lakes/Ithaca
Mothers canvassing to inform neighbors about the Borger Gas Compressor Station
February 2017


Finger Lakes/Ithaca
Mothers Out Front Community Meeting about the Borger Gas Compressor Station
January 2017

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