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  • MA - Statement from Mothers Out Front on the Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions

    Posted by · September 14, 2018 2:31 PM

    All of us at Mothers Out Front are holding our neighbors in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover in the Merrimack Valley close in our hearts as we watch the disaster of gas explosions and fires unfold across their communities.

    We are deeply grateful to the gas workers, first responders, and others protecting homes and caring for the injured and displaced people. We also are concerned that all affected have the resources needed to face this situation.

    Mothers across the state are reaching out to ask what they can do. We welcome all ideas for how we can support the families and children evacuated from their homes, especially those who won't be able to go home. Our members around the state are standing by to help in any way they can. We are looking at different ways that Mothers Out Front members and friends may offer support, and we will keep you updated. Please check our website and social media sites often to learn what you can do.

    Going forward, we hope that catastrophes like this one will be prevented by more proactive maintenance of our state's leaky gas infrastructure while we rapidly transition off gas and other fossil fuels.

    We, mothers and grandmothers and allies, work hard every day to accelerate the transition we need to renewable energy so that children will not have to face disasters like this one in Massachusetts or like the hurricane in the Carolinas.

    Anne, Claire, Rebecca, Andra, Eugenia, and Sue
    Massachusetts State Leadership Team
  • OP ED: Here’s another big concern about climate change: It’s ruining childhoods

    Posted by · September 11, 2018 10:19 AM

    Special to The Sacramento Bee


    Climate change has been impossible to ignore this summer. Extreme heat waves and droughts sparked fires around the world and cloaked California in hazardous smoke.

    While less visible than orange skies and wildfire evacuations, our dependence on carbon-rich fuels is changing how our children are growing up. About 5.4 million Californians, primarily in low-income communities, live within a mile of an oil or gas well and breathe polluted air. Some children report near daily nosebleeds, dizziness and nausea. Poor air quality and extreme heat make outdoor play hazardous.

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  • The Mothers of All Battles: How the Fight Against Climate Change is Being Led by Moms Across America

    Posted by · September 04, 2018 6:34 AM


    With gratitude to The Elders for giving a spotlight to the mothers' voice as we confront climate change.

    You can join us for #RiseForClimate here:

    Calendar - https://www.mothersoutfront.org/rise_for_climate_campaign_calendar

    More ways to get involved - https://www.mothersoutfront.org/rise_with_mothers_out_front




    The news on the climate grows bleaker every day. In the United States, the current administration not only denies human-caused climate change, it actively works to roll back any progress made on environmental standards or climate change policy implemented in the past few decades.

    Five short years ago, I founded Mothers Out Front with a handful of other mothers in the Boston area. We came together out of a deep fear of what the future held for our children in the face of climate change and a shared determination to do something about it. Today, we are a strong and growing movement of more than 19,000 mothers and other allies, with teams in nine states. It is clear that we must step up to fill the leadership void left by elected officials at the highest levels of our government—and that the opportunity to effect change lies at the state and local levels.

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  • Ask the Pediatrician: "What About Children & Climate Change?"

    Posted by · July 20, 2018 3:37 PM















    Why are Mothers Out Front members stepping up to protect all children from accelerating climate change? Because they feel at a cellular level the special vulnerability of the young to the emerging threats from climate change:

    • The spread of tropical diseases caused by insect range expansion
    • Air and water quality degradation
    • More intense and frequent natural disasters
    • Soaring heat, widespread drought, and more frequent wildfires
    • Swamping of coastal areas caused by rising sea levels
    • Agricultural failures
    • Disruptions due to geopolitical conflicts and increased population migration

    What mothers have known for years pediatricians from the American Academy of Pediatrics now confirm. The  journal, Pediatrics, citing several studies on climate change and children’s health, concludes: “Climate change will disproportionately affect children and the poor…” CNN, in reviewing this article, states that “Children are estimated to bear 88% of the burden of disease related to climate change…” 

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  • Why Mothers Out Front?

    Posted by · May 14, 2018 9:20 AM


    There’s Sierra Club, 350.org, Mom’s Clean Air Force, Earth Justice and many other worthy organizations fighting to slow climate change. They all seek to decrease our dependence on carbon fuels whose burning releases powerful greenhouse gases. So why join Mothers Out Front as a member and volunteer?

    I pondered this question the other day and came up with some answers for myself.


    If I were looking at Mothers Out Front from the outside, this is what I would see...

    • Mothers, grandmothers, and other nurturers with a laser focus on getting real things done on the ground in communities and states to slow climate change.
    • A highly visible, high-impact presence at key legislative events, community meetings, industry events, and climate demonstrations.
    • A record of successes exerting irresistible pressure on leaders and entities that stand in the way of efforts and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • A strong sense of the rightness of the cause and a willingness to work hard for it without resorting to hostile, belittling treatment of adversaries.
    • A powerful and compelling brand: “Here comes Mothers Out Front in their black t-shirts, so pay attention and do something!”
    • An aura of hope, power, and confidence that mothers will not be denied in their work to protect the health of children and communities by slowing climate change.


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  • Posted by · February 04, 2018 8:59 AM · 1 reaction

    Anne Goodwin (Massachusetts Leadership Team) gave this Keynote for the Mothers Out Front Assembly 2018 on January 27th.



    Hello, I’m Anne Goodwin. I serve on the Massachusetts Leadership Team for Mothers Out Front. I joined Mothers Out Front in 2012 and was part of the Arlington team before joining the Leadership team 2 years ago. This was when my only child was in high school, and I saw the empty nest ahead of me, with an opportunity to get more involved in something meaningful. I was so pained and afraid of what was happening to our Earth, I could barely look. But when I found Mothers Out Front, I felt I could speak from my heart as a mother, and make connections with other passionate women to create a livable future for all our kids. Mothers Out Front has given me support, and challenged me to have courage, and hope.

    So today I'm going to talk about why Mothers Out Front makes me so hopeful.

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  • Watching Kids’ Groundbreaking Lawsuit with Bated Breath

    Posted by · January 29, 2018 2:21 PM · 1 reaction

    Thank you to Mother Out Front Jean Cummings for sharing this blog post with us!

    As members of Mothers Out Front we are keenly interested in the progress made by climate activists both within our organization and outside of it. And no group is a more natural ally of mothers and grandmothers than youth.

    Interestingly, young people have brought us to a critical juncture in the history of climate legal action in the U.S. Twenty-one children and youth have been fighting in the courts since 2011 to force the federal government to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a key contributor to global warming.



    Photo Credit: Clayton Aldern/Grist

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  • It is Time to Stop Talking About More Pipelines

    Posted by · January 22, 2018 4:53 PM · 1 reaction

    On January 11, 2017 the Boston Globe published an editorial entitled Mass. turned to oil and coal during the cold snap. Here’s what went wrong, on January 11, 2018, questioning whether a strategy of moving away from "natural" gas is the right strategy.

    Please see our response below, written by Mothers Out Front volunteer leaders Eugenia Gibbons and Ellen Nelson van Bever.

    Predictably, the gas proponents are leveraging last week’s “bomb cyclone” and the coldest 10 day stretch in 100 years to renew their push for new pipelines. Building permanent pipelines to solve an occasional challenge is a shortsighted fool’s errand benefitting the gas industry, only. The Globe, in its January 11 editorial, has sided with fossil fuel interests, perpetuating the myth that gas is a clean fuel and that more of it is needed to power the renewable energy transition.

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  • We Feel The Urgency to Act

    Posted by · December 11, 2017 12:05 PM

    In the same week that our national monuments in Utah have been opened up to the risk of oil and gas drilling, fires blaze across Southern California. The impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels can be felt on an all too regular basis. The fire season in the West has become more intense and prolonged. The changes in our climate contribute to the heightened extremes in the weather. Powerful storms, severe drought, and wildfires will continue and, unless we act, they will get worse.

    Mothers Out Front offers our support and concern to the families disrupted by these destructive flames. Many residents received only 30 minutes of warning to pack up any belongings they could carry, and evacuate, uncertain of what will remain when they return. These fires disrupt the lives of many, even those not directly in their path. Students from more than 300 schools had to stay home because of the thick gray smoke that hangs in the air, making breathing difficult and causing fear and anxiety all around.

    Mothers Out Front works everyday for a more livable climate for all children. We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and encompassing challenge of our time. If you feel compelled to act in the face of climate change we invite you to join us to continue this vital work.


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    Posted by · November 09, 2017 1:23 PM

    BOSTON- Mothers Out Front announced the receipt this week of a $1M gift from the Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation to support general operations and program expansion. This transformational gift will have significant, lasting effects on the organization, enabling it to make key foundational investments in staff, leadership capacity, systems and infrastructure.  

    “My wife Lulie and I and our family are extremely impressed with what Mothers Out Front is accomplishing,” said Gordon Gund. “We are pleased to make this additional gift to help Mothers Out Front develop an organization that can leverage its unique creativity, entrepreneurship, and energy to an even greater extent.” 

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