AL - Mothers in Lee County know what they want for Mother's Day

Alabama Solar Initiative-- powered by Mothers and Others For A Brilliant Future

Sign the petition: If you would like to help make Alabama a Leader in Solar Energy- sign this petition and lets begin the journey to make Alabama solar friendly. Let's get an "A" for our kids’ future!


We have 4.875 million people living in Alabama- we mothers and others would love a robust and thriving economy; with new jobs, forging career paths, a free and viable market, and a healthy vibrant community for our children to inherit. Let's start by opening up our market to renewable energy. The sun is on our side, we've got an abundance here in Alabama-- a natural resource that is unlimited!

The original owners of Southern Company had the vision of harnessing hydroelectric power, and it came to pass. Now it is time, with that same innovative spirit, to make a contribution to the legacy by utilizing the power of solar energy. We have intelligent and capable people here ready to work in the solar industry, perhaps at some point even manufacturing panels made right here in AL, USA.

We will finally be able to afford a solar energy system for our homes, when the Alabama State Legislature, becomes our champion; to pass a law allowing for third party solar ownership.

This is our hope and our wish from Mothers of Alabama.

Thank you for your support, and we thank you for being a ray of hope for Alabama!

And check out this blog post by Mother Out Front Jill Medina Elizalde, published with the Auburn University Office of Sustainability!

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