AL - Lee County Moms Pushing Forward on Solar!

Report-in from Jill Medina Elizalde, Mothers Out Front Lee County, AL:

We had our second meeting with Rep. Joe Lovvorn of District 79, at a local coffee shop (The Ross House) and it went great, again! He works hard to be a representative for the people in his district. He listened to us, sincerely; he did his homework, and brought homework for us to do. (We need to find out how they made this third party solar successful in Georgia, Florida and net metering in Mississippi.)  We have a commitment for another meeting once we have all done our research.




We see this father and legislator wants the best for the people of his district and the people of Alabama. This was a great next step in our progress on the Alabama Solar Initiative.

We are full of questions and solutions! We are making real progress.

If anyone has information on third party solar in Georgia or Florida or net metering in Mississippi, please email [email protected].

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