Art Build Toolkit


Art Build Projects for Parents at the US Climate Strikes 


Make your own art to bring to a 9/20 Action or Youth Strike!

Creating art is an engaging way to bring people of all ages together to imagine a better world and express themselves! Art can help you stand out at a rally or event, drawing attention to your asks and demands.



What is an Art Build?

A creative political event designed to support a movement or campaign action 

How does it work?

  • Gather supporters to make visuals that support an upcoming event or action
  • Usually provides TWO press opportunities (the art build and the action itself)
  • Takes place not more than two weeks before an action

Good reasons to plan an Art Build:

  • To engage your base or connect with new moms and parents
  • To engage parents and youth together to learn about climate action
  • To develop new leaders by asking them to take on new roles
  • To create beautiful, message-relevant tools for the upcoming action or event


  • Could be at a home, a school gym, a church basement, community center. 
  • You’ll need space for supplies and “big” art projects;
  • Prepare to cover the floor or furniture to protect it from paint or other messes!

What you’ll need:

  • Snacks, treats, beverages
  • Art materials 
    • poster board 
    • markers
    • paints
    • sheets for banners
    • cardboard
    • glitter
    • buttons
    • Other cool art supplies!
  • Consider drop cloths & aprons to protect floor & clothes.
  • Message guidance - what do you want to communicate with your art? 
    • Can put the message up on poster board or discuss at the start

What do you do with the art?

  • Bring it with you to local climate actions and strikes the week of September 20th!
  • Display in public spaces: city/town hall, a local school, park, or public library
  • Ask your local school’s science club or green club to invite you to speak about your art
  • Ask your local art council board  or commission if they can help you find other places to display



  • Create a photogenic and memorable visual to support the September 20-27th Youth Climate Strike.

  • Host an ArtBuild to build relationships between parents, youth, and engage new people in climate action.

  • Include kids young adults, parents and grandparents!

  • Use an Art Build to reach out to local media and publicize the Sept. 20 Climate Strike, along with any local climate issues
    • Take a few photos, or a 2-minute video and post to social media.
    • Write a short media advisory to send in to your local paper. 
    • Create a Facebook event or share the official one for the climate strike you are attending. Tag your friends and ask them to bring 3 friends.






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