Beth Rodio - MA


I have spent years fretting about climate change. Most of those years I sought to do something: volunteer, make personal changes, write letters. It never felt it was quite enough (how much waste does one person’s composting really eliminate?) or quite right (I’m not really a march and chant kind of gal). 

Some of those years I just sort of gave up. Then through the New York People’s Climate March [September 2014], I found out about Mothers Out Front. After a few minutes on the website I had joined hundreds of others in switching the source of my electricity and made a plan to meet with the Communications Team to see how I could use my professional skills to help out. I was thrilled. Here was an organization that was helping me really do something.

Once I met with the Communications Team, I was hooked. Mothers Out Front is a group of smart, organized women who make strategic choices and therefore make big changes. There’s a feeling of being with women who get it. We’ve all, I would bet each and every one of us, had a sleepless night worrying about the world we are leaving our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. But instead of letting it do us in, Mothers Out Front gives us, and has given me, a place to turn that worry into real action.

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