Regional Initiative: Beyond Gas


Mothers are coming together to unite our local and statewide campaigns into one coordinated, powerful fight against gas:

  • Inspired by cross-state visits addressing the entire gas chain—from extraction and transportation to distribution and use in our homes to export.
  • Informed by our growing knowledge of the gas industry as well as our understanding of its scope and influence.
  • Motivated by our shared urgency to stop fracking, accelerate a just transition to clean energy, and protect all children.
  • Our mothers in OH, VA, NY, MA, and NH, along with contacts in PA and CT, represent the range of impacts gas has on our health, safety, economic stability, and livable climate.



Our goal

We want to connect mother-led organizing across state lines, building a regional, multi-state campaign to stop gas expansion, because our communities and our families deserve better, and our health depends on it.

For more information, please email Kalin Jordan, Senior Regional Campaign Organizer, at [email protected].



National Campaigns:





Find out more about gas infrastructure projects mothers are tackling in these states:



Merrimack Valley





Cayuga Lake Power Plant

Cornell North Campus Residential Expansion (NCRE)



Buckingham County

Chesapeake County



Physicians for Social Responsibility and New York Concerned Scientists Annotated Bibliographic Compendium of 1300 Independent Scientific Studies on Fracked Gas, 5th Edition