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  • MA - Eastie Mother Testifies in Support of Future Act

    Posted by · November 22, 2019 7:23 AM

    Mother out Front Sonja Tenglad testified at this Massachusetts hearing in the name of her son and for all our children's future.

    Like others that testified at the hearing Tengblad argued the bill works with utilities to make these changes happen, and also seeks to re-introduce additional public scrutiny within the Department of Public Utilities through improved transparency measures.

    “There are two days that changed my life forever: the day my beautiful son Soren was born, and a day two months later when I read a Bill McKibben article outlining the climate crisis,” began Tengblad at last week’s hearing. “That day, I realized that when my son is my age, he might not feel he has the option to have a beautiful child of his own. Not on this planet. That night, I sang him his regular lullaby, and then cried myself to sleep: I see trees of green, red roses too, I watch them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself: what a wonderful world.”

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  • MA - Gas is in the past after second night of Brookline special Town Meeting

    Posted by · November 22, 2019 7:12 AM

    Brookline had a terrific win when this bylaw passed overwhelmingly!

    The action was urgently needed, co-petitioner and architect Kathleen Scanlon said in the same Mothers Out Front press release.

    “We cannot install new gas infrastructure that will last 30 years, past the time that we have committed to achieving zero emissions,” Scanlon said. “This decision will move us away from new oil and gas infrastructure when it’s convenient and possible to do so. It’s a step in the right direction for Brookline and for our climate.”


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  • MA - Brookline Bylaw Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Major Construction

    Posted by · November 21, 2019 8:46 AM · 1 reaction


    November 20, 2019

    Contact: Alise Murawski at [email protected] or 202-702-6903 

    Kalin Jordan at [email protected] or 253-249-1193


    Brookline Bylaw Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Major Construction 

    Bylaw is only such regulation in country to address not only new construction but also renovations, will significantly reduce local emissions

    BROOKLINE, Mass. — Brookline Town Meeting tonight approved sweeping legislation prohibiting installation of new fossil fuel infrastructure in major construction. Passed with a vote of 207 to 3, with six votes abstaining, sponsors and supporters of the bylaw, known as Warrant Article 21, are confident that it will reduce Brookline’s carbon emissions from buildings by an estimated 15% over the next 30 years through this single action. The bylaw is part of a wave of fossil fuel bans initiated in July in Berkeley, California. Brookline’s ban is the first one east of the Sierra Nevadas and the only one to include renovation projects. 



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  • NY - Electric School Bus press conference in Bay Shore

    Posted by · November 21, 2019 7:36 AM

    Mothers Out Front Long Island team member Billii Roberti was thrilled to attend an Electric School Bus press conference conducted by Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. in Bay Shore, NY on Long Island. Suffolk’s school bus division is the largest school bus operator on Long Island.

    The US EPA helped fund their purchase of four Blue Bird electric school buses and two dual-chargers with grants to cover 45% of the cost of both the buses and the infrastructure to charge them. Suffolk Transportation Service (STS) supplied the other 55% from its own procurement budget.

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  • MA - Somerville Mothers Out Front joins city to announce renewable energy program

    Posted by · November 20, 2019 2:38 PM

    Great news out of Somerville from the work of Somerville Mothers Out Front, our friends at Green Energy Consumers Alliance and Mayor Joe Curtatone:

    In the New Year, every Somerville resident will have 25 percent clean electricity powering their homes, and those inclined can opt in for 100 percent.

    This is all made possible through the expanded Somerville’s Community Choice Electricity (CCE) program.

    “As mothers, we are deeply concerned about our children’s health and safety,” said Jessica Garrett, a science educator and member of Mothers Out Front, a group dedicated to mobilizing around climate change issues. “Somerville’s CCE program is part of the solution to transition to clean, renewable energy.”


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  • MA - Two Days that Changed My Life Forever: Sonja's Testimony

    Posted by · November 19, 2019 4:33 PM

    Mother Out Front Sonja Tengblad's testimony to the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy on November 12, 2019 regarding the FUTURE Act.

    There are two days that changed my life forever: the day my beautiful son Soren was born, and a day two months later when I read a Bill McKibben article outlining the climate crisis. That day, I realized that when my son is my age, he might not feel he has the option to have a beautiful child of his own. Not on this planet. That night, I sang him his regular lullaby, and then cried myself to sleep: [Singing] I see trees of green, red roses too, I watch them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

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  • CA - WIN! Mothers and Others Help Preserve Nearly 1000 Acres of Coyote Valley - Forever!

    Posted by · November 15, 2019 8:56 AM



    By Linda Hutchins-Knowles & Susan Butler-Graham

    Mothers Out Front South Bay is celebrating another huge victory! Together with amazing allies in the Protect Coyote Valley campaign, we helped to convince the San Jose City Council to vote—unanimously –to protect a large chunk of Coyote Valley from development! At a special Council Meeting on November 6, Mayor Liccardo and the Councilmembers agreed to contribute $46 million in voter-approved Measure T bond funds for a joint land purchase agreement that will protect in perpetuity 937 acres of open space in North Coyote Valley that had long been zoned for industrial development.  

    Situated in the original territory of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, Coyote Valley is a largely agricultural and undeveloped area on the southern edge of San Jose. One of the last remaining large open spaces in the South Bay, it serves as a critical wildlife corridor between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range, a flood control for Coyote Creek which flows into downtown San Jose, a fresh water aquifer, and a huge carbon sink, absorbing CO2 out of the atmosphere. It also contains over 215 species of birds, over 1000 acres of wetlands, and over 4000 acres of farmland. Yet in the City’s master plan, the area has long been slated for industrial and eventually residential development

    The new purchase agreement protects over half of North Coyote Valley, a historic win for local conservation groups, many of whom have been fighting to protect the Valley for decades. 

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  • WGBH News: Focusing On The Impact Of Climate Change On Children And Families

    Posted by · November 12, 2019 11:18 PM

    On November 11th, Saya Ameli Hajebi from the Sunrise Movement & Kelsey Wirth, Co-founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front appeared together on Boston Public Radio.

    The shift in the national dialogue towards climate change has often been attributed to a surge in climate activism, largely led by the Sunrise Movement. The Sunrise Movement is a national organization of youth activists advocating for bold leadership on climate change. Saya Ameli Hajebi, an organizer with the group, said during an interview with Boston Public Radio on Monday that one goal of the Sunrise Movement is to raise awareness for the immediate danger climate change poses to communities around the world.

    “How many families, how many kids, are looking out to their home and seeing it burned to ash? How many kids are watching the last bits of brick and drywall from their school drift away because of more and more hurricanes?” Hajebi said. “This is an issue about protecting our families, and once we realize that, once we internalize just how urgent this crisis is and how it could really take our loved ones away from us, there’s no other path but to action.”

    Joining Hajebi on Monday was Kelsey Wirth, the co-founder and chair of the board of Mothers Out Front. Similar to the Sunrise Movement, Mothers Out Front focuses their climate activism around the experience of being a mother during the climate crisis. Ultimately, Wirth said the goal of the group is to mobilize citizens to rival the power and influence major corporations have on elected officials.

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  • CA - Moms Help Secure Major Victory for Clean Buildings!

    Posted by · November 01, 2019 11:59 AM

    Thanks to mothers and others, San Jose just became the largest U.S. city to ban “natural” gas infrastructure in new construction, firmly securing its role as one of the nation’s most climate-smart cities! With an outpouring of public support, the San Jose City Council members unanimously approved a ban on the use of “natural” (fracked methane) gas infrastructure in several types of new construction: single-family homes, low-rise multi-family buildings (three stories or less), detached accessory dwelling units, and municipal buildings—starting in January, 2020.


    During Public Comments, Mothers Out Front South Bay members sat (where else?) up front!


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  • Mothers Out Front Awarded $100,000 McNulty Prize

    Posted by · October 30, 2019 12:00 PM

    News Release

    1000 North Third Street, Aspen, Colorado 81611 Tel. 970-544-7929 • Fax 970-925-4188

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: Nina Sawhney

    McNulty Foundation

    [email protected]


    Philip Javellana

    The Aspen Institute

    [email protected]

    Mothers Out Front Awarded $100,000 McNulty Prize 

    for Mobilizing Moms to Demand Bold Action on Climate Change


    New York, NY, October 30, 2019 — The McNulty Foundation and the Aspen Institute today announced Kelsey Wirth and Mothers Out Front as the recipient of the 12th annual John P. McNulty Prize, which recognizes individuals who are creating sustainable models for social change. Mothers Out Front is mobilizing more than 30,000 women and their children to demand those in power at all levels of US government take bold action that will accelerate the nation’s transition away from fossil fuels.


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