3 Reasons Why Mothers are LUCKY on April 29


With the People’s Climate March coming up on Saturday, you may be wondering if it makes sense for you to go. The whole subject can feel depressing, and you could easily be excused for thinking that we are living in unlucky times:

  • The weather is wacky, and extreme weather events have been happening in greater frequency. And high temperatures are breaking long-standing records.
  • The new administration is doing away with protections for clean air and water and controls on carbon fuel production.
  • The oceans are rising and coastal communities and cities in the U.S. and worldwide are already implementing adaptations and/or planned retreat.
  • And we as mothers and others are concerned about what the future will bring in terms of climate, community livability, and health for our children and grandchildren.

It was only in the 1980s that scientists realized that the energy sources that fueled the rise of industrial societies released a gas that was slowing warming our planet. We could have switched to other sources of energy sooner if we’d known. That was unlucky!

By our nature we humans are relatively slow to change our habits and adopt new ideas. Think the gradual adoption of economical and highly energy efficient electric cars. (I had to go from gas cars to a diesel car to a hybrid electric. Yes, I was slow to change!) Our preference for the status quo is unlucky!

We who live in America are used to expressing our political will through elections of local, state, and national leaders. We have not as a rule learned and regularly exercised citizen activism: directly contacting elected officials, attending hearings, and marching in the streets for what we want. Our learned passivity is hard to change and also unlucky!

So how is it possible that we might be “lucky?”

  • We have a chance to go to Washington D.C. or to a city near us to march in the People’s Climate March on April 29th. We are lucky to have dedicated groups of people organizing the march making it relatively easy for us to express our grave concern about climate change in this highly visible way.
  • We are lucky to have this chance to learn from one another, accelerate our own learning curves, and move faster towards replacing fossil fuel use with renewable energy. Cities in the U.S. have already demonstrated that it is feasible to operate on nearly 100% renewables. There is lots of room practically speaking to generate huge growth in renewables in our country. That is lucky!
  • We are lucky to be alive at this critical juncture of human history and able to show up and get counted! Right now we have the power to diminish the pace of change in the thin membrane of atmosphere that supports everything we as humans think, feel, and do.
  • And we are lucky that we have something fun to do on an ordinary Saturday in April! People who went to the Women’s March back in February said how great it was. They described friendliness, humor (funny signs), colorful flags, signs, and clothing, art, theatre, diversity, goodwill, solidarity, optimism, and a supportive, barely visible police presence. This march will be like that too! 

We at Mothers Out Front are turning out in force to express our special concerns and unique moral force as mothers and grandmothers of the next generations. If you see our signs and tees come on over and say “Hi” – we’d love to have you join us!

So, if you are able, go to D.C. or the march nearest you on the 29th. If physical limitations make it hard to walk and if you don’t use a wheelchair, just go to the gathering at the beginning and stand or sit on the doorsteps, curbs, or grass. No matter how long you are able to stay it will matter and you will be counted. For all who are able to attend know how lucky we are! 

Jean Cummings

Concord, MA Mother Out Front

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