Claire Humphrey - MA


Thank you to Viki Bok, Mothers Out Front Jamaica Plain for sharing her story about Claire, rising to the challenge:

The “Season of Mothers” has been chock-a-block with Mothers Out Front events, and we have all had to ramp up our intensity, turning out for event after event to press for a transition from dirty to clean energy – marches, postcard solicitation and delivery, gas leaks tagging, community presentations. I’ve seen so many of our volunteers rising to the challenge and then some. Case in point: Claire Humphrey who, despite serious issues with her feet and knees that would have kept many others in their easy chairs, showed up to march in the Wake Up The Earth parade yesterday, followed by today’s 6+ mile Mother’s Day March for Peace from Fields Corner to City Hall in the rain. Showing up. It’s what we do.

ClaireHumphrey.jpgClaire Humphrey and Leann Canty, still marching.

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