Climate Conversation with a Fourth Grader

Beth and Milo are a mother-son duo who live in Massachusetts with one other human, Milo’s four furry siblings, and a Roomba. Beth’s been volunteering with Mothers Out Front for nearly five years on the Communications Team, the Digital Engagement Team, and the Massachusetts Pipeline Task Force. Beth works in communications and as a culinary professional, baking and teaching plant-based cooking to kids. Milo is a nine-year-old with a mild Pokemon obsession. In addition to attending climate rallies together, Beth and Milo attend the same martial arts school. Milo really enjoys that he is a higher rank than his mom.

They sat down recently to reflect on their five years attending climate changes marches and protests together.

Beth: Why do I go to rallies and protests for the climate?

Milo: Because Climate Change affects the earth in a bad way and you want to help stop that.

Beth: What’s the first thing you remember about me working with Mothers Out Front or other climate organizations?

Milo: We were at this rally and for some reason, I was wearing a gorilla suit (referring to the NY climate march in 2014, the group told the kids to wear a costume representing an animal they wanted to protect)

Beth: Do you like coming with me to climate change rallies or protests? Why or why not?

Milo: Ummmm...For the first 30 minutes or so. Because I like helping the climate but then I get bored.

Beth: How do you feel when we go to rallies or protests together?

Milo: Helpful and hungry (because I usually feel hungry)

Beth: If you could use one word to describe what I do for Mothers Out Front, what would it be?

Milo: Things. You do a lot of things...


Milo: What’s the most important thing you feel like you’ve done with Mothers Out Front?

Beth: Help stop a pipeline and delay another one.

Milo: What is the most fun thing you do in Mothers Out Front?

Beth: I like training people to use social media and doing Twitter storms.

Milo: Do you like working with Mothers Out Front? Why?

Beth: Yes. Because I feel stronger with other people working together.

Milo: What was your favorite rally?

Beth: It was the one where you helped me read a letter to Governor Baker.

Milo: When do you feel you are the most effective for the climate? 

Beth: When I work on local projects where I can see an impact.

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