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I am mobilizing for a livable climate because all kids; no matter their race, ability, or identity deserve a clean world. As a mom, I know nothing is stronger than the power of a group of moms, grandmas, and caregivers who care! Join our voices and sign our letter to our elected officials letting them know we are watching! Share your story in the comments below- why are you mobilizing for a livable climate?  


Dear Senate and House Energy Committees,

We are members of Mothers Out Front, a group of moms, grandmas, and others who are fighting to create a livable climate for our children. I urge you to place climate change at the top of your list of priorities for your legislative agenda. Transforming our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy will help mitigate climate change and create millions of jobs. It is beyond time for our (city, town, state, nation) to focus on the harmful effects of fossil fuel use and the impact it is having on our climate.

I encourage you to help us move to a green energy grid, which is the technology of today, and support any legislation that will transition to a cleaner, more just world and a healthy environment for all. We are Mothers Out Front, we vote, and we will hold you accountable. We need you to support the climate policies our country needs. Our children’s futures depend on it.

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