Consulting Engagement Information Technology Systems Evaluation and Planning

We are seeking consulting services to help us design an information technology systems infrastructure that will meet our expansion needs.


Organizational Background

Mothers Out Front is building a diverse national movement of mothers, grandmothers, and other caregivers dedicated to convincing elected officials and business leaders to work aggressively for a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy. Our goal is simple, to enable mothers to take active leadership in protecting their children from climate change.  And to do this in so many places across the country that we create a national movement with the power to make this transition from dirty to clean energy happen.

Combining the discipline of community organizing with the passion of mothers defending our children, we are committed to doing the hard but necessary work of grassroots campaigning to build support for bold political choices. Our theory of change is that if enough mothers get engaged in concrete campaigns at the local and state levels, they will become a cohesive, empowered and activated constituency that will alter the political landscape, providing both the outside support and pressure for our elected officials to take bold action on climate change, while making it far more challenging for polluters to continue their actions unchecked.

Mothers Out Front has an annual operating budget of $1.2m and 15 staff working in three states. Founded in 2013, the organization has experienced rapid growth and has plans for continued expansion.


Project Goals

Currently, Mothers Out Front uses technology in these main ways:

  1. We have NationBuilder as our data management software which we use to track our supporters and communicate with them.

  2. Our website is integrated into our NationBuilder and we use our website to accept donations and manage social media.

  3. We use the google apps platform to manage our email, calendars and knowledge management.

  4. We use Webex to hold virtual meetings.

  5. We use Quickbooks to manage our finances, with donations reconciled back to NationBuilder.

We would like to use data and technology to support our work as we grow and enable us to be fully virtual.  Our vision for technology:

  1. We anticipate continuing to use NationBuilder and Quickbooks.

  2. We want the data that we capture and store to be clean and consistent.

  3. We want any new data coming in to be automatically reconciled: in other words, we don’t want separate databases that don’t talk to each other, we want one integrated system that has different points of collection.

  4. We want a data collection interface that engages and excites volunteers and provides them with feedback on their progress so they don’t think their data is going into a black hole.

  5. We want the data that we are collecting to be what we need to answer the following:

    1. Are we achieving our goals? We are in the process of defining these goals and want a dashboard of our numbers and stories of our wins.

    2. Is our approach effective? We want to be able to test out different tactics (like house parties) and know if they resulted in the outcomes we wanted.

    3. Are we using our resources effectively to achieve our goals? Where do we need to invest more and where is our investment not having impact?

  6. We want a virtual office space that enables us to work efficiently and effectively together and helps us manage our knowledge:

    1. Finance processes

    2. Project management processes

    3. Fundraising management


Project Description

We envision this engagement having the following components:

  • Evaluation:

    • Evaluate of our current use of NationBuilder and develop a recommendation of how to best meet our current and future data needs

      • Help us understand how we might use Nation Builder more effectively now and in the future.

      • Help us understand how to meet other needs (fundraising, financial, reporting) to achieve our organizational vision.

      • Evaluate opportunities for integrating our existing systems.

      • Evaluate gaps in our virtual resources.

  • Planning:

    • Develop a plan for implementing recommendations across Mothers Out Front

      • Work with staff and volunteers to be sure we have a database that meets our vision. This may include consulting support of implementation.

    • Develop a plan for managing our data effectively moving forward

      • Help us understand what sort of staffing and/or consulting support we need to keep our database optimized.

    • Develop a plan to clean up our existing data

      • Work with the Mothers Out Front staff and volunteers to develop and implement a plan to ensure that all the data currently in the database is complete and accurate.

  • Implementation:

    • Oversee the implementation of the plans outlined above in “planning.”


Project Timeline

Our goal is to have the project complete within 3 months of the start of the engagement with implementation ready to go by January of 2017.


Contact: Electa Sevier at [email protected]

Please share your qualifications and general approach to the work. We will reach out to schedule an interview. We would like to launch this work as soon as possible.

Women, people of color, LGBTQs, and members of other historically disenfranchised groups are especially welcome and encouraged to apply.

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