Do It Now

Song Title: Do It Now

Music: Traditional, lyrics: Nic Balthazar and Stef Kamil Carlens, 2012.

Source (posted by): Music Out Front, Boston,MA



We need to wake up, we need to wise up

We need to open our eyes …


And do it now, now, now

We need to build a better future

And we need to act right now


We’re on a planet that has a problem

We’ve got to solve it, get involved…


Make it cleaner, make it greener

Make it fast make it last


No point in waiting or hesitating

We must get wise take no more lies


Additional verse by Music Out Front


No more drilling, no more spilling

Build the best, ban the rest


Audio tracks:

All parts:




Harmony 1 - High


Harmony 2 - Low


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