Doing Something in an Era of Undoing

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced repeal of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions by 50% of 2005 levels by 2030. We know this is wrong for our family’s health today and for a livable climate for our children tomorrow.

It is even more difficult to accept this decision when fires are destroying towns in the West and powerful hurricanes are drowning communities from Texas to Puerto Rico.  High carbon emissions are transporting us toward increased drought, accelerating our sea level rise, and presenting us with extremities of weather.



These natural disasters hit close to home. Earlier this week, a Mothers Out Front member leader, Robin Raeder Ganahl from Tustin, CA, evacuated her home to escape a fast moving wildfire. Her beloved canyon, where she hikes with her children, has burned. She says:

“Climate change literally just affected us in our backyards. We lost our nature preserve--the heart and soul of our community--to Canyon Fire 2.  I had to walk through my house and decide what to save as we evacuated. So we packed up our family photos and left with our children and pets.  We must work together to stop this from happening in more communities.”

As Robin well knows, at a time of such disheartening undoing Mothers Out Front is doing something positive everyday. We invite you, your family and friends to join us in this critical work. To combat the undoing of progress at the federal  level, we must  make progress in our own communities and states.

A  snapshot of what Mothers Out Front around the country do:

  • We work with allies to fix pipeline gas leaks that emit harmful methane that contributes mightily to climate change and affects the health of people and trees.  

  • We fight the building of new fossil fuel pipelines and compressor stations.

  • We pass community choice energy in our communities leading to more renewables in our energy mix. It’s a win for climate change and adds job to what is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in our country.

  • We prevent trains carrying explosive oil from the Bakken Oil fields from travelling through and endangering our communities.

  • We show that groups of mothers can build power in their communities and states, and we supply the know how and encouragement for them to do so.

In this time of undoing, let’s restore hope by being involved in our communities with Mothers Out Front.



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