Claim Freedom from Pollution!

Join Mothers Out Front across the country on July 2 as we hold the EPA accountable for enabling polluters! On this day, we are demanding that they cancel the rollback of the 2016 rule that states that oil and gas companies must monitor emissions to find and repair leaks that are harmful to our health.

We don’t need any more health hazards in 2020! Here’s how you can help:

  • On July 2 from 12pm - 2pm ET / 9am - 11am PT log on to Twitter
  • Tweet at the EPA, EPA Administrator Wheeler and your state’s Attorney General demanding that the current protections must stay in place. 
  • If your AG is already on the coalition trying to stop this rollback (see this list), thank them in the tweet. If not, ask that they join the coalition.


  >> RSVP for the July 2 Tweetstorm for more information 



RSVP for June 27 General Twitter training 1:00 ET/10:00 PT 

Feeling unsure how to use Twitter for activism but couldn’t make the June 15 training? Join us for a training that will start with some general help on Twitter and end with how to participate in a tweetstorm.


RSVP for June 30 Selfie Digital Art Build at 1:30 ET/10:30 PT

What’s stopping you from using a selfie in an online action? Technical difficulties? Bad angles and lighting? Privacy concerns? WE GOT YOU. Come to this half hour training with your phone and your face, and by the end you’ll have a picture the Instagram models will envy.


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