#GasLeaks are endangered in MA

Tuesday, July 12th saw hundreds of people fill the rows at a Boston City Council Hearing called by Councilor Matt O'Malley.  Mothers, fathers, friends and allies are holding the utilities accountable for fixing #gasleaks in our city.  Mothers Out Front Downtown Boston and Jamaica Plain teams worked hard with our allies and in our communities to get this hearing.  Now we need results.  How can you help?  Please SIGN THE PETITION!


Mother Out Front Edith Buhs from Jamaica Plain, MA took the time to testify about why she cares about #Fixingtheleaks:



Gas leaks pose an environmental, public health and financial burden to Boston residents. Natural gas is 86 times more harmful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas over the first 20 years, and is responsible for the death of trees and shrubbery in Boston’s public spaces. According to the National Institutes of Health, exposure to natural gas leaks can cause health problems. As ratepayers, we are subsidizing nearly $90 million per year for unaccounted for gas that escapes through leaks.


Sign the petition today!  We are proud to work with our allies to stop methane emissions from harming our children today and tomorrow:  HEET, Clean Water Action, Sierra Club, Resist the West Roxbury Pipeline, Boston Climate Action Network, 350Mass at Better Future Project and more! 

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