#HugtheEPA Campaign

WHY?  Just a few days into the Trump Presidency and our Environmental Protection Agency is already in jeopardy. 

  • Funding for research and environmental monitoring is frozen,
  • The environment impact assessments process for large scale infrastructure projects is being gutted,
  • Approval has been given for controversial oil pipelines over sensitive areas (Keystone and DAPL)
  • Scott Pruitt, a friend of fossil fuel companies, has been nominated as head of the EPA
  • The Climate Change web site including its public record of greenhouse gas emissions data, is under threat. 

We must push back against the speed, scope and consequences of the Trump administration’s plan to silence the EPA. What is happening is unprecedented. If those at the EPA are prohibited from speaking about climate change, we must raise our voices with the loudest, most vocal public repudiation of this behavior that we can collectively pull off

We invite you to participate in three immediate actions in support of the EPA:

FRIDAY, Jan. 27th, Mid-day Social Media Storm, 12-2pm.

  • Include hashtag #HugtheEPA in posts and @MothersOutFront
  • IDEA: post a photo hugging someone you care about – your kid, your mom and tell us why clean air/clean water/the EPA/ climate change matters to you.
  • IDEA: share a drawing by your kid about clean air/clean water/climate change.
  • SLOGANS – see below for suggested tweets and slogans.

 MONDAY, Jan 30th, #HugtheEPA After School Action, 4-5pm.   

 Call/Mail/Contact Representatives – ongoing.

  • Ask elected officials to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt.
  • Ask elected officials to oppose our government’s censoring of science.


If there was ever a time to call in all in favors and contact people you barely know to ask for help, this is it.

The rest of the world is relying on us.  The next generation is relying on us. 

Let’s Do This. 


TWEETS & SLOGANS: (copy the text you like to paste into a tweet!)

Taking Climate Change off the website won’t make it go away. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

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Sweeping Climate Change under the Rug? Not Cool. Come Clean. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

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Moms know – cleanliness matters! #HugtheEPA for working to keep our air and water clean! @MothersOutFront

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A livable climate? Breathable air? Drinkable water? Not a lot to ask. #Hug the EPA #FlintWaterCrisis

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We are all FLINT, We all need clean water, We are all in this together.  #FlintWaterCrisis #HugtheEPA

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More EPA, not less EPA!  #Hug the EPA #FlintWaterCrisis @MothersOutFront 

Protect the EPA, They Protect US. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

My kids need a livable climate, don’t mess with their future. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

The EPA is there to protect my family, so I am going to protect the EPA.  #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

Save the EPA, it’s trying to save my children’s future. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

Thank you EPA for working to protect my children.  #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

We need data on Climate Change to ensure our children a livable climate! #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

Don’t Censor Science, Censor Alternate Facts. #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront

FREE the EPA!  Let them do their job.  #HugtheEPA @MothersOutFront



Stories are powerful in making an issue personal.  Tell your story… share why clean air, clean water, climate change, and the EPA matter to you and your family.  Include a photo, draw a picture. Be creative!

Short Ideas/Examples: 

  • I live in Flint, Michigan.  Do I need to say more?!  Now, what little help we were getting is at risk.  This is too much! We need a stronger, better EPA that serves the people of this country.  
  • I love going fishing for sunfish with my grandfather in the pond near my house and thanks to the EPAs great job cleaning up the pollution there, we can eat the fish now!
  • My daughter has asthma and when the air pollution gets bad she can’t breathe. There is nothing scarier than your child not being able to breathe. Thank you EPA for working hard to keep the air clean for her!
  • We live near the coast in North Carolina and the water keeps getting higher. My little boy asked me, Mommy, people are going to make the water go back, right? I said yes, honey, we are working on it – so we better keep working on it!  We need to do MORE, not LESS.

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