MA - After DeSmog’s Revelations, Enbridge’s Weymouth Gas Facility Air Permit in Jeopardy

This is an important article outlining the recent events around the Weymouth Compress Station air permit process, with Mother Out Front Andee Krasner offering the closing quote.

The drama continued on Tuesday, when the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the agency contracted by the state to conduct the health impact assessment (HIA) that informed the air permit, essentially withdrew its support for the assessment’s original conclusion, which did not anticipate human health effects from building the fossil fuel facility. It was this conclusion that greenlighted the air permit.

Citing the newly revealed data, the MAPC said that “the conclusions of any HIA cannot be assumed to hold if new information comes forth, particularly new data that may suggest an increase in risks to people's health.”

In its statement, the MAPC called for considering the cumulative effects of the facility’s emissions, as well as investigating safety concerns and climate change impacts — issues that were beyond the scope of the original assessment.

Activists have been encouraging the MAPC to take a public stand against the assessment, at times excoriating the agency on social media.

We appreciate the professional integrity that the MAPC demonstrated in making their statement,” said Andee Krasner of the group Mothers Out Front, following the agency’s statement. “As a public health professional, I was heartened to see that they included the need to understand the cumulative impact of the current pollution burden and emissions from new sources. There is ample data to demonstrate the compressor is a danger to health, a danger to safety, and will significantly add to greenhouse gases.”


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