MA - Bringing Paris Home in Cambridge

Our Cambridge team kicked off its “Bringing Paris Home” Campaign. Our federal government may have backed away from the International Paris Climate Agreement, but “We’re still in!” was the rallying cry at the kickoff event held at the Central Square Library on Thursday, May 31. About 40 attendees, including City Councilors Sumbul Siddiqui and Quentin Zondervan, gathered to snack on French foods, sing along with Music Out Front, hear an informative presentation, and engage in spirited small-group discussions.

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The campaign focuses on how to increase our use of renewable energy sources, how to improve energy efficiency in our homes, and how to amplify our actions through pushing for policy change. The Cambridge team will engage residents through a variety of approaches through the summer and fall, including house parties, presentations to community groups, lightbulb exchanges in conjunction with the Cambridge Energy Alliance, and tabling at community events. Volunteers welcome! Like to join us? Contact Kristine Jelstrup: [email protected]. #WeAreStillIn


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