MA - Green Living Tour 2019 in Jamaica Plain

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-May, Mothers Out Front-Jamaica Plain held our first-ever Green Living Tour, showcasing a wide range of ways to “go green”—from electric cars and bikes to worm composting, induction stoves, air and ground source heat pumps, and backyard bees and chickens. The feedback from the 150+ participants was overwhelmingly positive: “I had no idea so many of my neighbors were doing so much to shift to a green lifestyle,” “we brought our daughter with us to help her take her role and responsibility for nature seriously,” “the tour gave us a much better idea of which direction to take to reduce our own carbon footprint,” “It was cool to get up so close to the hive – we even got a look at the Queen being a total BOSS LADY.”


MA_JPGreenLivingTour_2019_GLT_Bees_2.jpg   MA_JPGreenLivingTour_GLT_-_Seneca's.JPG


Our central hope for the event was to inspire our neighbors to envision pathways forward into a clean, renewably-powered future. The event achieved this, and more. We found that it wasn’t just the visitors who were inspired and engaged, but also the tour hosts, our own volunteers, and the broader community. The event created community, and a sense that we are all in this together. And it was fun!

Our team sincerely believes our work must include not just fighting the fossil fuel infrastructure buildout, but also encouraging and moving closer to the alternative future we desire. We are already thinking about how to build on this year’s tour for an even bigger and better event in 2020! We would be happy to share our experiences with any other Mothers Out Front team that wants to organize a tour of their own.


MA_JPGreenLivingTour_GLT_Curtis_Hall.jpg  MA_JPGreenLivingTour_GLT_-_12_St_John_3_CE.jpg



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