MA - LTE: Pipeline Plant Pollutes by Paola Massoli

MA - Mothers Out Front is supporting the community of Weymouth in their fight to stop a compressor station from being built in their community.

Paola Massoli of Somerville had her letter to the editor published in the Boston Herald.  Scroll down to the letter entitled "Pipeline Plant Pollutes," or read it below:

Pipeline plant pollutes

Gov. Charlie Baker finally decided to listen to the concerns of his constituents about the Weymouth natural gas compressor station (“Baker orders state reviews of proposed natural gas station,” July 18).

The credit goes to the persistent efforts of citizens to oppose the construction of this polluting monster in their backyard.

If the state agencies conduct a rigorous review, they will find that compressor stations are a significant source of nitrogen dioxide (a lung irritant) and a plethora of volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde. That’s along with greenhouse gas emissions.

Add significant levels of noise to that, and you can see why many people are concerned. I would not want that near my house.

Baker needs to act to stop the construction of the compressor station.

— Paola Massoli, Somerville

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