MA - Mother's Letter to Speaker DeLeo

An open letter to Speaker DeLeo from a Winthrop constituent

Speaker DeLeo: You and I live in Winthrop.  Our streets are flooding; the storms are fiercer, more frequent and more damaging; our insurance costs are sky rocketing; but most importantly, our health and our grandchildren’s health–yours and mine–is compromised as our state warms. Please don’t ignore the heat waves, the mold from flooding, the increase in mosquito and tick borne-disease, the allergies and asthma, the heart and lung effects, the mental stress from losing everything.


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But if health impacts don’t move you to action, perhaps the economics will. A recent Stanford study reports “that the huge economic loss from climate inaction is vastly larger than the cost of reducing carbon pollution.” Or how about this: “Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Target and Walmart, and 1/2 Fortune 500 Companies seek to locate operations in states with clean energy production.”

Legislative bills currently before you will protect public health, increase the use of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse emissions and create jobs in the innovative green-energy economy.

As we see daily on a national scale, inaction is a moral failing. Please pick up the baton, Speaker DeLeo. Massachusetts can lead—you can lead—and act on climate now.

- Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan, RN, MPH


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