MA - Mothers turn up heat on natural gas leaks at Worcester schools

Mothers Out Front Worcester are taking on gas leaks in their town and working to make sure children going to school aren't exposed to methane pollution.

Many natural gas leaks go unrepaired for long periods of time, but it is illegal for gas companies to let leaks within 50 feet of a school building remain unfixed. In Worcester, as in many cities, there are hundreds of reported natural gas leaks from old, corroded underground pipes. The gas seeps slowly into the atmosphere, polluting the environment, costing rate payers, and possibly causing health problems.

“The objective is to frame the forum as a way to share the findings with the larger community, hear from experts about the dangers of gas leaks, and also hear about current legislation to address how utilities are held accountable,” said Etel Haxhiaj, a local organizer with Mothers Out Front.

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