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Learn to Tell Your Story
Storytelling is the heart of Mothers Out Front! It is through stories that move us that we move others to action - whether it is a decision maker, our team or new members. Both new and more experienced members are invited to learn to share our stories with a newly revised environmental justice lens.

We are offering a two-session workshop (of what previously used to be a whole day). 

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1) Webinar (1.5h)

An introductory webinar is essential in order to understand how we craft our stories into public narratives. In this webinar, we will learn what a public narrative is, how we can craft a good story and will see examples of a public narrative.
We are offering two dates of which you may choose one when you sign up. The webinars will be offered on webex.

  • Monday, May 1 7.30-9pm
  • Wednesday, May 3 7.30-9pm

Please contact us if this conflicts with your schedule ([email protected])

2) In-person workshop (3h) 
During this workshop, we are practicing our stories as part of the public narrative and coach each other to improve them. This is the most fun part where we will see a transformation happen in the room!

Sign up for the training here.



May 16, 2017 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm


Online Webinar and Cambridge location for in-person meeting


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