MA - Worcester Team files petition with City Council for Hearing on Gas Leaks

On the evening of Tuesday, May 7th, three members of the Mothers Out Front Worcester team, filed a petition to the Worcester City Council requesting a public hearing on Eversource's plans to fix current unrepaired gas leaks within fifty feet of Worcester Public School zones. We also asked that our city support the House F.U.T.U.R.E Act (An Act for A Utility Transition to Renewable Energy).



The petition is a continuation of our efforts to address unrepaired gas leaks in Worcester Public School zones. In addition to an excellent presentation, our leaders, Patricia Kirkpatrick, Nicole Belanger and Gaylen Moore, submitted to each city councilor and the Mayor a packet that included: our Gas Leaks in School Zones report conducted and prepared by Bob Ackley, a fact sheet around the dangers of gas leaks, a fact sheet about the FUTURE Act, and a current map of Worcester gas leaks. The item was referred to the subcommittee on public service and transportation, chaired by Councilor Lukes, who has been one of the sole advocates for gas leaks repairs during her long tenure as a city councilor.

Our moms are planning the next steps to mobilizing moms and residents around this upcoming public hearing and working with the subcommittee members on getting these gas leaks fixed. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected].

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