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When did you get involved with Mothers Out Front?

I became involved with Mothers Out Front about two years ago.  I hosted a house party for my good friend Kim Miller because I wanted to learn more about her work.



What attracted you to climate change and Mothers Out Front in particular?

Kim Miller, the Hampton Roads Organizer is the reason for my involvement with Mothers Out Front. She is one of my closest friends and when she shared with me about the work that she does and the impact of climate change it stirred a desire in me to do a little more. I had very little information about climate change. I did know that weather events were more extreme and frequent, summers are much hotter, and winters are much colder than years past, and there is barely anything in between. I wanted to learn and help to educate others. 


What are your activities and what do they involve?

The activities of the team in Norfolk of which I am a part include tabling at events and sharing information with event goers, letter writing campaigns to local and state officials to sway their views of policy regarding renewable energy sources, speaking at city council meetings to express the impact passing legislation that will negatively impact communities and continue with the use of fossil fuels will have, host training events to teach mothers and concerned citizens how to share their stories of the impact of climate change and their desire to move to the use of clean energy with elected officials in a way that grabs their attention, and I am currently serving on the Mayor’s Climate Change Commission. 


What motivates you to stay involved?

The opportunity to effect positive change, the ability to empower others to tell their story, the opportunity to show my daughters and nieces that women are powerful and strong, and we are nurturing and caring, the ability to work with a diverse group of women who make me aspire to be a better person.


In your opinion, what is the most important work that Mothers Out Front does?

The most important work the Mothers Out Front does is create opportunities for moms to exercise their voices in matters that impact our children and environment and educate moms regarding the climate change and the future of our children. Mothers Out Front provides encouragement and support to moms, educates moms by sharing information relevant to the concerns of the region.


Why did you become a member?

I want to have a part in the process of change.


What contribution or achievement are you most proud?

I am very proud that our team has two people on the Mayor’s Climate Change Commission.


What do you hope the organization will achieve in the near future? In the long term? 

Become more diversified at all levels of management and continue to educate moms and lead the path to change.


Do you have an story about this cause/organization that really moved you?

I think someone associated with Mothers Out Front said or I read something to the effect of, “when moms speak things happen.”  I may have made that up, but I like it and that’s what I get from Mothers Out Front! When these mothers speak and act things happen.


Do you have a message to share?

Every little bit helps when it comes to changing the world. We do it one person, one idea, one connection, one cause at a time. Mothers’ voices are powerful, and we need to use them to make positive change for future generations.

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