MA: Mother and Father ride 400 miles to tackle climate change

Concordians Tackle Climate Ride

Carolyn Wilkins and Mike Farber are no strangers to long bike rides. The Concord couple was drawn to town 13 years ago in part because of the area’s proximity to great bike routes, and they’ve maintained their passion for cycling to this day.

But this September 8-12, Wilkins and Farber will be hitting the road for almost 400 miles (“Definitely a record,” says Wilkins) for a cause much bigger than a pretty bike ride. The couple will be among some 60 riders participating in the Northeast Climate Ride, a five-day group ride from Bar Harbor, ME to Boston. On the last day, the ride will stop outside Concord’s Old Manse before following Revere’s famous trail back into Boston. Taking place across the U.S., the Climate Ride has raised over $3 million in support of conservation, sustainability, and active transportation.

The Concord couple is working to raise over $6,000 in support of Mothers Out Front, a national not-for-profit climate action organization designed to mobilize women and their supporters in defense of a sustainable planet, and healthy future for all children. “It’s a phenomenal, new group that’s attacking climate change from the lens of the parent. Imagine that a momma Grizzly Bear could understand climate change and you’re getting close to the organization’s DNA,” commented Farber.



Wilkins, a member of the Concord Mothers Out Front chapter, said the local movement is definitely picking up steam. "Concord is looking at important opportunities right now -- from partnering with the town’s Energy Future Task Force on carbon reduction options, to engaging citizens and leaders around Concord’s 78 gas leaks. We’re excited to be seeing an uptick in residents who want to join our efforts, and hope more mothers, grandmothers and their supporters will reach out to learn more."

“The most exciting thing I can think of is the extraordinary potential of engaged, caring adults uniting in defense of a healthy, hope-filled future for our kids,” commented Wilkins. “This organization has shown that it has the unique potential to move the needle on the climate conversation. If a sore saddle is the price needed to be paid to help raise this promising group's profile, then we’re all in.”

Donations to the Wilkins/Farber Northeast Climate Ride can be made until September 1st at




September 08, 2016 at 8:00pm - September 12, 2016

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