Mother's Day Social Media Toolkit

Tell your team’s story! Use social media to show the world how you hold elected officials accountable by taking photos of your postcard delivery visits or other Mother’s Day events and sharing them on social media. 

● Please tag @MothersOutFront and use both hashtags #MakeOurMothersDay and #MothersDay in your posts.


  • Take photos of people—including mothers and children—filling out and sending postcards.
  • Take photos of your postcard delivery with stacks of cards.
  • You can make a sign that says, “For Mother's Day, I want…..” and finish that sentence for us! Then take a selfie or a group shot holding the sign and post it with the hashtags and tag @Mothers Out Front. Tag your local officials as well!
  • Take photos at Mother’s Day marches and share why you are marching this Mother’s Day. Please tag @MothersOutFront and your elected officials.

Accounts to follow and tag (so we get notified and can share!):

Mothers Out Front:

▪ FB : @mothersoutfront

▪ Twitter : @mothersoutfront

▪ Instagram: @mothers.out.front

▪ Hashtag : #MakeOurMothersDay #MothersDay

Lookup your local officials, city councilors, mayors, governors, congresspeople, etc., and follow them so you can tag them easily, too!


What you’ll do on social media…

● If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet or post to Facebook.

● If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter and Facebook.

● If you have 10 minutes: search #MakeOurMothersDay and retweet all the tweets you see.

● If you have 20 minutes: you will post a video on Twitter and Facebook, and then share and retweet other mothers’ posts.


We've started a sample tweet for you, but you'll need to finish it for us!  Make sure you're signed into twitter and click the link below:

Click here to finish your tweet.


If you get stuck for a picture to post, you can also use our postcard image.  Please click on the appropriate image below to download and share! (A new window will open after you click with the image visible. Right-click on the image to save to your device.)




Click here to download the image for a Facebook post.


Click here to download the image for a Tweet.




Please remember to tag @MothersOutFront and use both hashtags #MakeOurMothersDay and #MothersDay in your posts.




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