Mothers Support March for Our Lives

Thank you to Massachusetts Mother Out Front Viki Bok for sharing this story with us:

Many of us were out marching last weekend in the #MarchForOurLives (including at least six from the Jamaica Plain team) – clearly, and sadly, climate change is not the only threat to our children’s future. Confronting a gunman should not be something our kids need to worry about as they head off to school every morning. Claire Humphrey of Mothers Out Front-Jamaica Plain reported from the Boston march: “Two young children were chanting to the crowd, “Tell me what democracy looks like” through a tiny megaphone, and people where chanting back, “THIS is what democracy looks like!” I looked around and thought, “This is what democracy looks like in 2018 – our children have to take to the streets for change to happen.” Sobering. From another side of the Boston march, Edith Buhs reported walking for a block with US Senator Ed Markey, who said he felt something had changed and that our democracy is finally shaking off a long dormancy. He said he believes that we WILL turn the tide. Edith noted a sign that says it all: “This is an active voter drill.”



Jenny Sazama, Boston Superintendent Tommy Chang, and Jenny’s Boston Student Advisory Council students on the day of the march.






Vicky Suescum in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, TX



Jaclyn Secter and friends in Boston



Viki Bok in Boston

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