Muriel Finegold

Muriel_Finegold_Powered.jpgCivic activism works—but it is work.  Being a part of Mothers Out Front and working with a group of amazing women on an issue as large as climate change is what sustains and energizes me. Creating a clean energy future for our children and grandchildren is a lofty goal.  We know we can reach it but getting there can be challenging and often tedious.  Working together makes the work exhilarating.  It helps us tackle each challenge, minimizes the down times, and amplifies the joy of each achievement.

As individuals and as an organization, we have become a lot smarter about both the substance and the politics of addressing climate change.  We find the leverage points that move the public and our elected officials to act. We connect with allied organizations that share our goals and add their perspective, their knowledge and their voices to ours. And we are heard!  Our passion grows along with our steep learning curve about how to do this work and being part of this organization that engages both heart and mind is what keeps us going, growing, and gaining ground.



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