National Meeting Session Descriptions


Our National Meeting Program will include:

  • Mothers Out Front Teams Poster Exhibition!
  • Voices From the Frontlines Panel: Urgency, Hope, and Love Call Us to Action!
  • Learning Together and Skilling Up Breakout Sessions
  • Acting as a National Movement: 2019 Mother’s Day Mobilization
  • Music Out Front!
  • Doodle, Words, Art: Expressing Our Vision for the Future (on butcher paper)
  • Why Called You to Be Here?: Interviews with Bimina
  • Time to Connect with Each Other


Voices from Frontlines Panel:  Lois Bjornson, PA; Susan Campbell, Lyndonville, NY; Michele Cook, Norfolk, VA; Carol Dyer, Woodland, CA; Chad Oba and Ella Rose, Union Hill, VA



Building Powerful Campaigns for Impact


Building On Past Wins to Build an Intersectional Campaign  - Anne Stauffer and Susan Butler-Graham, San Jose, CA

In this session, Anne and Susan will share how moms got the 3rd largest city in California to adopt Community Choice Energy in the span of a few months. They brought on City Councilors who had been opposed for 6 years, built power to help pass SB100, one of the most aggressive renewable energy state legislation in the country, and have incorporated those skills and tactics into the campaign to protect Coyote Valley in a way that aims to address social justice and inclusion.


Clean Power: Making Dollars Make Sense - Mary Cerulli, Boston, and Emily Manns, Peterborough, NH

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy requires big changes on Wall Street not just Capitol Hill. It's possible! It's happening! Investors can use their power to make utilities decarbonize. Come learn about an exciting new campaign that already has almost 2 TRILLION DOLLARS behind it to make utilities move fast to clean energy. Our voices as mothers can make the difference!


Good vs Perfect: practical wins in less than perfect terrain - Katie Quinn-Jacobs and Lizzie Evett, Ithaca, NY and Lois Bjornson, Scenery Hill, PA

This session will review two MOF campaigns, one in NY and one in PA, that grappled with adjusting the targets of their activism around stopping gas extraction and transportation. Presentations will focus on the process of organizing and how the outcomes of their respective efforts, thought not necessarily the initial goals, helped advance the effort to slow or stop fossil fuel infrastructure and communities and build our power as a movement as a whole.


Getting Decision-Makers to Pass the Policies We Need! - Carolyn Peterson, Keene, NY and former Mayor of Ithaca, NY and Nina Dillon, Cambridge, MA

What's the best way to get your elected officials to enact policies that will decrease or prevent the use of dirty fossil fuels and increase renewable energy in your communities? Come find out from a former elected official who worked with organized constituents and a member who was part of a team that successfully got their city council and Mayor to break a dirty energy municipal electricity contract in favor of 100% renewable energy!


Mobilizing Our Power


Mothers Out Front Secret Sauce for Organizing A Big, Impactful Action! - Anne Goodwin and Anne Wright, Arlington, MA

On February 7, over one hundred Mothers Out Front and allies turned out at the Massachusetts State House to hold Governor Baker accountable to his administration’s decision to approve an air permit for a compressor station based on a health impacts assessment doctored by his administration. What went into making this day happen? (Hint: it wasn’t just about the action but also about the smaller campaigns along the way.) Come learn and share what you know so you can walk away with the knowledge of how your team or state can make the same happen!


Building an Equitable, Diverse, Inclusive Movement for Just Transition


#FuelChange through Green Transit Campaigns!  - Cathy Dempster and Neely Kelley, Rochester, NY

Learn how you can start a Green Transit Campaign in YOUR community — starting with electrifying school buses. This is a perfect first campaign for new teams. We’ll start by watching the #FuelChange campaign Green For All film and learn about the local impacts of transportation pollution. You will then learn how to win this campaign by getting school district officials to commit!

Traffic-related pollution is now responsible for more deaths than traffic-related accidents. Low-income communities and communities of color are the most impacted by air pollution. Help activate a NATIONAL movement to bring clean transportation and justice to communities across the country.


Learning to be Good Allies: Supporting the Leadership of Frontline Communities,  Susan Lees and Carol Chamberlain, Arlington, MA; Ella Rose and Chad Oba, Union Hill, VA.

Fossil fuel infrastructure is often sited in frontline communities and learning to be good allies in these fights is crucial.  We will share what we are learning about working with these communities by hearing from Mothers Out Front members who have been allies supporting residents of the Fore River Basin’s leadership and from members of Friends of Buckingham, Union Hill, VA.  Both Weymouth and Union Hill are fighting plans for compressor stations in their communities.

Frontline communities include communities of people targeted by racism, Indigenous communities, poor and working class communities. These are the communities being impacted the earliest and hardest by environmental degradation and climate change. Because of oppression, they have insufficient resources to address this.


Whose Interests Are Being Represented?: Organizing for Just Transition - Susan Campbell, Harvey Campbell and Marc Crosby, Lyndonville, NY,  Michele Cook, Norfolk, VA, and Rosa Vollmer, Auburn, AL

In this session, we will hear how special interests are preying on historically marginalized communities to meet their own interests and how to organize for just transition.  Susan and her team will share the story of how her community is mobilizing for wind in the face of opposition organized and funded by mostly vacation home owners who would have it otherwise.  We will talk about how to ensure rural, farming and small town America have a seat at the decision-making table and how we are recruiting an inclusive socioeconomic and political membership. Michele will talk about how the city of Norfolk, business and corporate actors are engaging in climate gentrification.





Building a Diverse, Equitable, Incluse, and Just Movement to Win


Climate Justice & a Just Transition: How Inequality and Emissions are Inextricably Linked - Gracie Brett, Better Future Project, Cambridge, MA

This training explains the basics of "climate justice” and how that differentiates from climate action. After a firm understanding of climate justice is established, we will discuss the Just Transition framework: envisioning what an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable future looks like.


Listening – A Tool to Build A Strong Diverse Movement To Halt Climate Change - Gladys Maged, Somerville, MA and Hao Li Tai Loh, Phildelphia, PA

The world we hope for ourselves and our children demands that we halt climate change. To do so requires building a massive interconnected movement of people from every background. Relationship building, developing alliances and aware listening are essential to be able to do this. Come explore the power of listening and how you can use it in to bring about needed change.


Engaging Others to Grow Our Movement


Building our Strength, Growing Our Engagement - Shira Lion, Kristine Jelstrup, Melissa Ludtke, Cambridge, MA

To achieve our campaign goals (whatever they may be), community teams need PEOPLE POWER, or more specifically, MOM power! How do we grow our strength by engaging lots of moms in our campaigns? What are some of the more effective tactics to use, and why? How and when do we use them? Join members of Massachusetts Mothers Out Front Growth and Engagement team to tackle these questions and more. We will draw from the experiences of moms in the room, as well as explore and share some best practices from winning campaigns.


How to Design Irresistible Actions that Inspire Families, Grow Your Movement, and Splash Your Message Across the Front Page - Mary DeMocker, Eugene, OR

In a distracted and busy world, it can be challenging even to get people to join our actions, much less help organize them. With so much at stake, how might we create actions that invite those who support climate action, but are still sitting on the sidelines? This skill-building workshop, led by Mary DeMocker (co-founder and former creative director of 350 Eugene, author of The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution) offers ideas for designing artistic, exuberant, and interactive protests with clear messages, broad appeal, and the kind of drama that gets reporters returning your calls. Mary will share successes and lessons from five years of using interactive art to fight Oregon’s fracked-gas-export pipeline and to galvanize support for the 21 “climate kids” suing the government. Come ready to play with out-of-the-box ideas!


Telling Your Story to Move Others to Action! - Stefanie Valovic, Keene, NY and Sue Stafford, Cambridge, MA

Mothers voices and stories for why we need to act on climate are powerful in moving decision-makers like elected officials to action. They also inspire others to join us. In this training, you will learn to identify, develop, and share your story to move others to take concrete action.


Green Technology


No Fossil Fuels, No Problem - You Don’t Need a Fire to Keep Warm! - Billii Roberti, Huntington Station, NY and Zeyneb Magavi, Cambridge, MA

We are leading a movement to a fossil-fuel free future that needs to start now. What does that look like in our homes, where we often take heating for granted? Come learn about all the options we have now for heating our buildings without overheating our world. This is a good news session - we have the technologies now. We’ll get you pumped about heat pumps and help you feel comfortable sharing that good news with others.


Media: If You Can’t Read About It, It Didn’t Happen!


Loud and Clear: How Social Media Lifts Up Our Voices - Beth Rodio, Sharon, MA and Laura Haugh, Seattle, WA (joining us virtually!)

Using Twitter as an example, Laura and Beth will take you through the whys and hows of how social media can bring people together to make on-the-ground change. Bring your phones and tweeting fingers because this session will take place in the real and virtual world all at the same time. We’ll be practicing to use social media as part of the Mother’s Day Mobilization!


How to Work With the Press - Ellen van Bever, Cambridge, MA and Jean Cummings, Arlington, MA

For this Mother’s Day, learn how to get the press to cover your event and help tell your story to the public. This training will help you understand how the media can amplify your work and persuade decision makers. You will learn how to create a press plan and press release. You will learn how to talk to a reporter. We will also share ideas for other ways to get into your local paper such as letters to the editor or opinion pieces.




Who’s benefiting? Power Mapping for Strategies that Win -- Derek Seidman and Munira Lokhandwala

This workshop will discuss the basics of power mapping and how it can help inform the plans we develop to achieve the change we want to see. Participants will learn about what power mapping is - i.e, how to research and visualize the networks of people and institutions that currently have the power to decide whether or not we keep using fossil fuels or transition to renewable energy -- and how to get started power mapping on their own. This session will feature concrete Mothers Out Front campaign examples so we can learn how to apply this to our work everywhere. Participants will also learn about some tools to help do power research, such as the LittleSis online database and Oligrapher (a visual power mapping tool). People who attend this session will leave with a clear understanding of what power mapping is, how to start doing it, and how it can help win. The session will be led by LittleSis, a corporate watchdog research and power mapping group based in Buffalo, New York.


Meeting with Decision-Makers: Key Ingredient to Successful Campaigns  - Leslie Bliss, Cambridge, MA and Sarah Smiley, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Meeting with Decision-Makers is an essential tactic to getting the policy change we want. Leslie and Sarah will share how to get these meetings and set them up so that elected-officials take you seriously and give you the information you need to inform strategies that win, as well as move existing volunteers into taking on more leadership!

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