NY - Mother Stands Up and Out Front at NYSERDA

Billii Roberti, Mothers Out Front New York State leadership team member and Long Island Town of Huntington Community team member, at the 2018 NY GEO thermal conference asks Alicia Barton, NYSERDA President and CEO and NY Geo conference Keynote speaker "What can we do to convince 60,000 homeowners annually to go geo thermal instead of installing dirty energy heating systems?"

Ms. Barton's response [paraphrased]: "We need consumer awareness and understanding the technology.  It's a complicated technology and people need to be comfortable making the decision to choose geo thermal. Collectively, industry, the state, and the utilities need to be educating and raising awareness."

Mothers can help educate and raise awareness in their communities about geo thermal heating and cooling - one solution to providing heat without fossil fuels.

Thank you, Billii, for asking this important question!



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