NY - VIDEO: First Cortland County House Party


Friends and family of Jackie Burke gathered in her lovingly restored farmhouse in picturesque Homer, NY for the first Cortland County Mothers Out Front house party.

Over vegan chili, salad and a wide selection of beverages, we discussed the urgency of the climate crisis, the local and national impacts and how community organizing can be effective at the local level. Some of us had recent experience in grassroots activism, others remembered their parents being involved in fighting to keep nuclear waste dumping out of rural New York in the past and others were new to the topic.

All of us shared a concern for building healthy, resilient, sustainable communities for our children. In the words of Colleen a mother of five and grandmother of 8, "I think there is a big need for this, but I can't do it by myself . . . I'm going to be here to be part of the solution."

Thanks to "Big Al" Pagan, citizen journalist for filming the house party. You can view it by clicking here.



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