NY - Croton-On-Hudson Team participated in Croton Eco Forum

Story courtesy of Croton team coordinator, Megan Dyer:

It’s funny what makes me happy these days and this Sunday in Croton was a banner day. Mothers Out Front arrived at the Eco Forum early with ten other organizations and local leaders from Croton Climate Initiative to set up our tables. People began streaming in to what was a standing room only. We were all there to hear presentations on the latest information on climate change. The keynote speaker, Croton resident, Dr Chandu Visweswahriah, CEO of Utopus Insights a global renewable energy company, gave a clear and compelling presentation on the IPCC report. Afterwards information was shared on what we can do collectively to protect our children’s future.



Jessica Kuntz, Lisa Marshall, Megan Dyer and Berty Barranco Feero


Impacting my children’s future is the most important part of my life, and joining Mothers Out Front gave me the opportunity to really pursue this. Seeing the other Mothers Out Front in attendance was inspiring, but so were the more than 100 people who attended this function on the most gorgeous Spring day we have had so far this year.

Mothers Out Front Croton (Jessica Kuntz, Jane Martin, Megan Dyer and Berty Barranco Feero were joined by our community organizer Lisa Marshall who helped us whip up the first round of “Taste the Future” for New York audiences. We drew people to our table with the smell of chocolate fondue and fed them on chocolate dipped strawberries while sharing information about induction cooking, beneficial electrification and geothermal energy. Our table was flanked by Sustainable Westchester, Dandelion Geothermal, New Yorkers for Clean Energy and Renewable Heat Now. We were in fantastic company. No wonder everyone was in such a great mood despite the scary science and being inside on a day when everyone else was picnicking.

Everyone had the feeling like we can pull this off, together.

Megan Dyer
Croton-on-Hudson, NY


Jessica Kuntz, Lisa Marshall, Megan Dyer



All set up for "Taste The Future"



Croton High School children kicked off the event.



Completely packed house! Croton Free Library



Children sat patiently through a long and technical and frightening presentation on the IPCC Report.

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