NY - Croton Moms at the Annual Earth Day Fair

On Saturday, April 28th, #EarthDay2018 was celebrated at Croton's Annual Earth Day Fair in Vassallo Park.

Five moms from our local team tabled at this event.

Outreach Coordinator Megan Dyer set up a fun dress exchange which attracted lots of moms to our table. While the moms were "dress shopping", the children drew pictures of the Earth, depicting what they would like it to look like and what they would not like it to look like.






We got over 80 signatures of Croton residents on our petition for 100% renewable energy - even the Mayor signed it!!!

Our petition read:

"We call on our Village Board to pass a resolution committing the Village to do everything within its power to reduce carbon emissions within its borders, and become a community powered by 100% locally-generated renewable electricity by the year 2030. Recognizing that climate change is happening now, that action at the federal level has stalled, and that we have little time left to prevent climate chaos, we know that action at the local level needs to accelerate."

Please join us on Wednesday, May 9th at the Village of Croton Board of Trustees monthly meeting. This month our team has set a goal to turn out moms to the Town Board meetings of four different towns.





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