NY - As local effort against pipeline grows, Dominion eyes expansion

The Finger Lakes team co-coordinators, Katie and Lizzy (Elisa) and I (Lisa Marshall) met with a reporter for over an hour last week. He said he's thinking of writing two articles, one about the Dominion expansion and another about our grassroots organizing. Let's see if he does!

“I go to all these town board meetings and I listen to somebody who wants to build, say, 26 new apartments in Varna or something, and they have to jump through all these hoops to get through the special use permit process,” said Katie Quinn-Jacobs, team coordinator for local activists Mothers Out Front, who with the town have been leading the brunt of the opposition efforts. “Meanwhile this giant industrial plant isn’t doing that at all. We want the same protections the zoning – and the comprehensive plan – offered. We want that applied here.”


[embedlycard url="http://www.ithaca.com/news/as-local-effort-against-pipeline-grows-dominion-eyes-expansion/article_e310db6c-5076-11e7-a138-2bd7b920a17a.html"]

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