NY - Electric School Bus House Party on Long Island

The Huntington, Long Island Mothers Out Front Team had a really nice turnout for our first Electric School Bus house party on February 8! We started off watching the #FuelChange music video, which contained a brief clip of our team. Then we shared the Mothers Out Front theory of change and empowerment, made new friends, and had a lot of fun learning about our Electric School Bus campaign.


NY_Electric_School_Bus_House_Party_0208_1_Photo_Adam_Macchia.jpg    NY_Electric_School_Bus_House_Party_0208_2_Photo_Adam_Macchia.jpg

Thank you to Adam Macchia of Macchia Photography for the pictures!


Thank you to our friends and neighbors for attending and sharing your creative ideas and talents with us! Remember, you can do as little or as much as you are able and still be a part of our team! We made plans for speaking at the school board, tabling at Earth Day, and creating a youth art project.



Interested in joining the Huntington, Long Island team? Just click here and sign up at the bottom.

Our partners happily took care of the kids, which allowed everyone to participate. They had a ball on a really nice winter day.






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