NY - Elisa Evett speaks out against Dominion Compressor Stations.

June 29, 2017 NYPIRG, Mothers Out Front, Fossil Free Tompkins and other groups held a rally to "Free NY from Big Oil and Gas." This was one of 8 rallies held around NY in response to the Trump administration's "Energy Week."

My name is Elisa Evett and I am a mother and a grandmother. I do not want to condemn my three beautiful granddaughters to a world gripped by catastrophic climate change. I have been devoting the last eight years of my life doing all I can to spare them that fate.  

It is our turn to engage in the fight right here on home ground. As it turns out, there is a 200 mile, 60 year-old gas pipeline snaking its way through Tompkins County that is about to be expanded to push 100 million more cubic feet of gas per day. In order to do this, the pipeline's owner, Dominion Transmission, needs to add two new compressor stations, beef up a third, and make additions to a fourth and largest compressor station, the Borger compressor station, that sits on Dryden's bucolic Ellis Hollow. This 23,000 horsepower facility is surrounded by homes - 225 houses within a 2km radius and sits only a few thousand feet from the Ellis Hollow Community Center which houses a daycare facility, hosts local boy scout troops and provides a swimming pool to the local community. The pipeline crosses the center's property less than 50 yards from the front door.

We know what compressor stations spew into the air, fine particulate matter, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide and formaldehyde - all toxic to humans and the environment. We know that pipelines leak and can explode. We were concerned that the residents of Ellis Hollow and our local officials seemed unaware of he potential hazards of living so close to Borger. So, our Mothers Out Front team decided to take on the challenge of leading the fight to protect this community. 

In other words, we are doing what mothers always do - being actively on the lookout for our kids' safety, going after threats, enlisting any allies we can to shield them from those threats. We mean business! Let Dominion and Governor Cuomo be on notice: We are like fierce mother bears on the march and we're on our way to Albany!" - Elisa Evett, Team Co-Coordinator, Ithaca



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