NY - #FuelChange at Earth Festival in the Town of Huntington

Thank you to the Town of Huntington Mothers Out Front Team for this report-in and for spreading the word about Green Transit for our schools!

This photo is of a mother and child who came to the Family Earth Day Expo at Heckscher Park in Huntington on April 13, 2019, where the Mothers Out Front team (Jennifer Rogers-Brown, Billii Roberti and Jenny Strandberg) was tabling about electric school buses. The little girl had just finished coloring in the yellow school bus as part of the #FuelChange music video campaign in support of transitioning to electric school buses. Behind them is a poster board displaying heart-shaped Earths that other children had colored, while, their parents signed our Mother’s Day postcards about electric school buses. We collected 55 postcards that will be presented to the various school boards to show community support for the initiative.




Find out more about New York's Green Transit campaign by clicking here.

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