NY - Ithaca Mothers Join High School Students to Rally for Climate

Thank you to everyone who showed up to get action on climate!

One major group at the rally was the Sunrise Movement, which is mostly for young people who are looking to support some kind of green new deal. Another community organization that joined the movement was Mothers Out Front, led by Ithaca High School’s art teacher Gina Cacioppo.

Although many of the speakers discussed global climate efforts, Cacioppo spoke about one in Tompkins County’s backyard: the use of fracked gas at the Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing. A highly controversial issue, Cacioppo spoke about how the plant isn’t in regular use because it’s a peaker plant, meaning it is primarily used when more power is used by residents throughout the county.

[embedlycard url="https://www.ithaca.com/news/ihs-green-team-organizes-climate-change-march-and-rally/article_1e9aaa00-49a4-11e9-9396-abb4fabe5336.html"]

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