NY - Keene Mothers and Grandmothers Taking Streetlight Measurements

This event was part of the Keene Clean Energy team’s survey of all outdoor light poles in Keene and Keene Valley to double check NYSEG accounting and to prepare for transition to LED outdoor lighting. The process is that one person takes pictures of the pole and its surroundings, the other has a checklist and records pole # and type of light, nearest address, equipment condition, pedestrian activity and adjacent land use, road safety conditions, what is being illuminated, and pole distance from street.


streetlight_projectIMG_2682_CE.jpg   streetlight206232018_CE.jpg


The town hopes to get rid of a number of lights as well. Switching will save the town of Keene a lot of energy and $$. Street lighting now cost the town $16,000 plus a year. 

Among other Mother Out Front members who are participating are Amy Nelson and Ann Sayers.

Way to go Mothers Out Front ADK!!!

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