NY - Lakeshore Mothers & Others Show Up for Wind Power

Lakeshore Mothers and Others are working hard on changing the conversation about #WindEnergy so we can move forward and invest in renewables; the right choice for our communities, our health and our children's future.

On February 28th, members of Lakeshore Mothers and Others Out Front attended the forum for the Heritage Wind Project that is proposed in our county. We had 11 people in attendance despite the temp being only 17 degrees 😱. I was interviewed for the channel 7 news and it was aired on the 11 o'clock news.         - Susan Campbell

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post-thumbnail.jpg  NY__ProWindProtest_SCampbell__3310.jpeg


NY__ProWindProtest_SCampbell_IMG_3308.jpeg  NY__ProWindProtest_SCampbell_IMG_3311.jpeg

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