NY - Coxsackie NY LTE for Solar at Sleepy Hollow Lake

Donald and Cari Gardner (Mothers Out Front Greene Team) sent in a letter to the editor outlining why two utility scale solar farms are needed for a rural lake community in Coxsackie, NY. On March 31st, the Mothers Out Front Greene County NY team held a neighbor to neighbor event to discuss the questions and concerns the area residents have.

Click here to see the Letter to the Editor: https://www.hudsonvalley360.com/article/sleepy-hollow-could-benefit-solar-farms


"Our lake is the Sleepy Hollow Lake's source of drinking water, recreation, and is part of the value of everyone’s property here. That in turn has an impact on the amount of taxes contributed to the annual tax revenue for the towns of Coxsackie and Athens, a considerable portion of the total intake of taxes for each town.

The lake must be cleaned up. Statewide, HAB is caused by conventional farm runoff of particulate matter and the use of nitrogen and phosphorus. Those factors along with global warming speed the process of harmful algae growth.

It was encouraging to learn that two utility-scale solar farms were being proposed on the watershed for SHL. The successful completion of the solar farms would solve a number of problems."





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