NY - Mom's LTE - Your Turn: Local natural gas projects need to be stopped

Read a mother's message to Governor Cuomo:

Two new proposed projects in our area threaten our ability to prevent further climate change. They are the Cayuga Power Plant’s proposal to repower its facility with natural gas, and Cornell’s North Campus Dorm project, which proposes to power the buildings’ heat and electricity with natural gas.

How the framers of these two projects could have conceived of them without considering their contributions to climate change boggles the mind.

Thank you Mother Out Front Elisa Evett! Read the whole letter by clicking below:




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  • Hans Hyde
    commented 2018-08-20 00:39:54 -0400
    On a state level, both Cayuga & Somerset coal plants should be repowered with natural gas – otherwise balancing of both wind & solar PV will be imported from Ontario, Quebec (both of which require new transmission capacity to be built) or Pennsylvania were all lines lead to coal or NG plants anyways.

    A new combined cycle NG plant is nearing 2x as efficient as a coal station, and can be ramped (turned on/off) quickly to backup wind & solar fluctuations. NG is a necessary evil, just as is new transmission.

    A combined heat & power plant is one of the most efficient energy systems available. Some CHP plants approach 80% efficiency, where efficiency is measured by useable energy out divided by energy in.

    The NG can either be used wisely in our transition at home in the US, or it will be liquefied at greater carbon cost and shipped overseas – adding to CO2 emissions anyways.

    Love it or hate it, NG is the single largest contributor of coal plant closures in the US and there are still 300,000+ MW of coal plants to be closed.