NY - Moms React to Lansing Plant Repower with "Natural" Gas

In New York State, the Tompkins County Team has something to say about converting a plant from one fossil fuel to another:

"Local chapters of organizations like Mothers Out Front, an environmental activism group, have spoken up, challenging the plan by arguing the damage of continuing with natural gas is too severe and the risks too high. Their primary concerns are the danger of transporting CNG by truck, the inherent emissions and lake pollution that will remain even after the repowering due to natural gas usage, and damage to the roads from the truckload rise."

[embedlycard url="http://www.ithaca.com/news/tompkins_county/lansing-power-plant-to-re-power-with-natural-gas/article_a119c6e6-7e0c-11e8-8e81-9b84140f4ca3.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share"]

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