NY - Mothers at The Eagle and The Condor Screening

A pre-premier screening of the Eagle and the Condor, from Standing Rock with Love was organized in Rochester by the Native American Cultural Center SURJ ROC and hosted by the Visual Studies Workshop. The film will premier nationwide on October 8th, Indigenous People's Day 2018.




Neely Kelley, Senior Organizer with Mothers Out Front, writes, "The intersectionality of climate justice and racial justice is a big buzz word these days in the climate movement. Listening, learning and better understanding the harm done to native and indigenous peoples by the fossil fuel industry is critical for all in the climate movement - especially if we are going to support communities harmed. For that reason, it is important that climate activists everywhere prioritize attending this event on October 8th. I encourage you to show up, listen and learn. Opportunities like these do not happen every day." 

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