NY - Mothers Out Front fights for wind power in Mother's Day Letters

Check out this fantastic wind energy discussion played out in a news report on opposing Letters To The Editor regarding the #LightHouseWind Project in NY:

Lakeshore Mothers argued the project would provide host communities with thousands in much-needed tax revenue, have little effect on property values and kill far fewer migratory birds than would perish from unabated climate change. The group also linked climate change to the current flooding in the Great Lakes, which has pushed Lake Ontario's water level to 21 inches above average.

"Climate change is here and accelerating," Lakeshore Mothers writes in the letter. "We are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now, as the shores of Lake Ontario overflow - experiencing historic flooding for the second time in just two years."


Read the full article here:

[embedlycard url="https://www.niagara-gazette.com/news/local_news/wind-project-groups-clash-in-opposing-mother-s-day-letters/article_bd5e48d4-75fc-11e9-be57-871cc84e7529.html"]

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