NY - Mothers Out Front at the Energy Democracy Alliance Retreat

In New York State few groups are doing as much as the Energy Democracy Alliance in pushing for a truly just and community centered transition off of fossil fuels to renewable energy. From the EDA's website: Our work to promote energy democracy is designed to move the state toward a better system, one in which residents have the right and the authority to determine their own energy future, to protect our most vulnerable populations, and to prevent the wholesale destruction of our precious ecosystems. Putting ownership and control over the means of sustainable energy production into the hands of everyday people, into the hands of municipalities, and into the hands of local businesses should be a top priority for New York’s regulators."




Although Mothers Out Front New York is not yet a formal member of the alliance, Mothers Out Front leader, Michelle Long, along with Mothers Out Front New York staff, Lisa Marshall and Neely Kelley attended their 3 day retreat mid-November. Neely, Michelle, and Lisa stand in front of the picture of the Just Transition Framework used by the EDA.



A great big thank you to our allies at the EDA for organizing such an amazing retreat and for being so welcoming and inclusive.

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