NY- Mothers Out Front Members speak at the public hearing on Westchester Gas Moratorium


Left to right:Leola Specht, Sarah Smiley and Katie Hyams, members of the Westchester River Towns Community Team.

These Mothers Out Front members attended a public hearing on Wednesday, February 13th, held by the Public Service Commission in White Plains NY about the gas moratorium for Westchester County put in place by the utility, Con Ed. Con Ed is saying there is a gas shortage. The Public Service Commission has told Con Ed to seek alternatives to gas.


At the event, Mothers out Front member Katie Hyams made a public statement:

"My name is Katie Hyams, and I am a member of Mothers Out Front. We are moms who understand the urgency of climate change and want to see our communities transition off fossil fuels. I am here because I’m scared of the effects of climate change on my three young children. We know that natural gas and other fossil fuels are putting our children's future at risk.

Building electrification is a better option than using natural gas - it’s more efficient, cleaner, and safer. It also supports our goals of transitioning to net zero carbon buildings, because as we power our buildings with electricity we can simultaneously add renewable energy to our electricity supply - so that heating and cooling our buildings can also be achieved with solar or wind power.

Air source or ground source electric heat pumps are a viable alternative to natural gas. The technology we need is available, we now need the Public Service Commission and the utility to ensure that they are cost effective and accessible to everyone in our communities and that resources are transitioning the workforce toward good-paying renewable energy jobs.

We know that sustainability does not contradict economic development. We know that forward-looking developers are already using these clean energy technologies, and that’s what we want to see in all new construction in our communities. We also want heat pumps to be available for retrofitting our homes and commercial buildings.

We also ask our local elected officials to promote clean energy alternatives instead of demanding more natural gas, so that development can continue without adding to the climate crisis."





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